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Just love “feast” what a combo!

I purchased my charcuteries, international cheese, goodies and of course the obligatory French bread stick. Needing a coffee I entered the “feast”café through the arch from the deli to sit either on the side walk or in the café to have a well-earned coffee break.

Why not! Met by a friend we then strolled next door to “feast” wine bar to have a relaxing wine and a light dinner. Nowhere to my knowledge in the Hampton shopping strip can you have such a fabulous experience and I didn’t need to move the car!

Thank you very much to “feast” for your donation to our Raffle for:

Southern Fly Fishers - Love Fly Fishing

Open Day 17th March, 2019, 10am -  4pm - SAVE THE DATE

The Raffle prize to be drawn on the day with proceeds to Cancer Council.

Open day details:

facebook: love fly fishing

instagram: LoveFlyFishing1


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